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Privacy Policy

We Prioritize Personal Data Security

We appreciate and value our esteemed clients’ security. With this Privacy Policy, we intimate you with the personal data we collect at Global trade investment and how we use the collected data.
Your data’ security is crucial to our operations. We can guarantee you fair dealings, encourage certainty, and build a lasting relationship built on trust with you through the data we collect from you. You are free to contact us and make your grievance or complaints known to us whenever you have concerns or questions about our security measures.

Data Collection and Use

At Global trade investment, we don’t collect personal data that may identify our clients, either directly or indirectly, from them without their expressed permission. We use data for two purposes: to contact you when necessary and provide the information we need to include you in our team of investors’ list.
We also collect financial information from our clients to confirm their identities, include them on our clients’ list, and charge them as individuals or organizations for the services we render to them.
Global trade investment may use the profile and statistical information it collects to tailor our email exchanges or website to meet our clients’ needs. We equally use such information we collect from you to provide custom content for you.
We also collect usage and statistical data. We collect such data as aggregate and have the prerogative to give free access to the aggregate data. We won’t disclose confidential and personal data about our clients to any third party without their permission.
We send any data you request from us via your email address. We use such data for correspondence only. While using our services, Global trade investment doesn’t force any data on you. Instead, we allow you to decide the type of data you want to receive and others you won’t bother having. We rely on consent-based opt-in emails only.
Thus, we won’t forward any unsolicited business promotions, offers, or emails to you. We will not license, disclose, or share our clients’ data with third parties. We won’t use such confidential data for advertising purposes as well.
While requesting messages, we gave our clients the withdrawal option. Within minutes, we’ll process any withdrawal process while terminating further information exchange with any client that has specifically expressed their desire to stop receiving our messages.
Global trade investment assures clients of maximum privacy and confidentiality. They should rest assured that all email content, financial records, and reports won’t be made available for public consumption but are secure and private.
Global trade investment may scrutinize your activities’ content to ensure that they are in total compliance with our Terms of Use. The check helps us provide security against inappropriate, disparaging, profane, or other materials with ethnic or racial coloration. We will never in any form give any external party access to our client’s email records.
Some exceptional circumstances such as the temporary suspension of our service may require we notify our clients of the recent development through email. Clients don’t have the luxury of opting out of receiving such urgent service-related messages. However, they are free to deactivate their accounts.

Contacting Us About Our Privacy

You are free to get in touch with Global trade investment through our help center if you have concerns about your data with us, our Privacy Policy, our dealings via our website, or our website’s activities. Our team is on the ground to attend to your needs. Contact the support team for any specific request you have. The team is every ready to listen to your queries and requests.